Newbie Universe

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People who are brand new to internet marketing are known as newbies. If this is you, you are going to love Newbie Universe - where you can learn internet marketing from veterans.

Internet Marketing Forum and Tutorials

Exactly what is Newbie Universe? It is an internet marketing forum run by some serious people, who are seriously experienced with internet marketing (and who have lots of silly moments too, just not when it comes to work). We've been in the business for over a decade and known the ins and outs of what works and doesn't. More importantly, this forum is intended to be a community where everyone contributes, experiments are tried, and people can get a feel for what might work for their site and what might not - without wasting a bunch of money and time.

So, what kind of information will you find? We provide posts packed with techniques, tips, strategies, services, legal information and the like. Many of them take the form as tutorials. As our community grows, we will be proposing experiments and tests to see how various strategies and techniques work. Everything will be transparent so that you can see how things go, learn a thing or two and contribute as well.

Who Is Newbie Universe For?

As the name suggests, this forum is devoted to anyone interested in internet marketing, but we hope it's of particular interest to newbies. We know how hard it is to dig through all the crap you'll find at some of the other internet marketing information sites; most of it is just designed to sell you something or to pump up someone's ego. Well, we aren't selling ebooks, video sets, podcasts or anything else here, and we're not interested in egos, either. This is just a place where you can get involved in a community of internet marketers with various levels of experience - and learn at your own pace without being talked down to or viewed as a captive audience for sales pitches. And it's a place where IM veterans can settle in comfortably, share information and learn some new stuff without the attitude you find at some of those "other" places.

A Different Kind of IM Forum

Newbie Universe is a different kind of internet marketing forum. In the old days of the internet, there used to be forums where people could come together, ask questions and discuss things without the fear of being ridiculed and virtually assaulted. Unfortunately, that friendly atmosphere has been lost at most forums these days; they're filled with people being mean to one another. Whether it's to prove their virtual manliness, or just because they're mean, we don't know.

What we do know is that at Newbie Universe, it is our goal to return to the good old days of forums. For that reason, we have a no jerk policy. We are all for spirited debate on various topics, but it must be respectful. Anyone slamming someone else, or answering a question by snidely saying "use the search button," will simply be banned from the board. A forum is only good if people feel comfortable asking any question - and that is the community we're striving for. We're all here for the same thing, to learn in an enjoyable and fun community.

Now that you know what we are all about, come on in!